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Odbor medzinárodnej spolupráce informuje


8. 6. 2021 | zhliadnuté 75-krát




Portugalský riešiteľ Ricardo Neves (ricardo.neves@uc-biotech.pt),  hľadá partnera do jeho konzorcia v rámci výzvy TRANSCAN-3 JTC2021: https://www.sav.sk/?lang=sk&doc=services-news&source_no=25&news_no=9497 .

Jeho profil a kontakt sú:

My name is Ricardo Neves (ricardo.neves@uc-biotech.pt). I am working in biomaterials and stem-cell based therapies in Portugal and I am trying to put together a consortium in the context of TRANSCAN-3.

We are interested in tumor microenvironment modulation with the aim of improving immunotherapy protocols. We have a portfolio of Nanoparticle formulations that carry retinoic acid (RA+NPs) and we can trigger its release by light. This has been done inside the bone marrow niche in the MLL-AF9 model of leukemia. After inducing leukemia, we have used MLL-AF9 cells as carriers of RA+NPs and used their natural tropism towards the niche. We observed their homing (and close contact with resident MLL-AF9 cells) by intra-vital microscopy and analysed the impact of the release of RA in the disease burden. We have been able to decrease the presence of MLL-AF9 cells both in the calvarium bone, where photoactivation was done, but also in the long-bones, indicating an abscopal effect that we are still studying. The next step that we want to take is to explore this RA+NP as a coadjuvant for NKG2D-CAR cells. We are trying to design a project to apply to TRANSCAN-3 (https://transcan3-era-net-jointcall-2021.b2match.io/) and we are looking for single-cell omics and bioinformatics expertise to join our consortium. If you think your profile would fit our consortium please let me know.

V prípade záujmu je možné kontakt priamo portugalského riešiteľa.