International Cooperation

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13.2.2020 Final Report of the Joint Bilateral Agreement CNR/SAS
13.2.2020 European Workshop "Young Scientists Meet Patients: Increasing Impact of Cancer Research"
12.2.2020 Call open! Clinical Trials Methodology Demonstration Projects
10.2.2020 Experts wanted! ERA.Net RUS Plus Joint Transnational Call 2019
10.2.2020 Call open! Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP)
10.2.2020 Conference "Revitalising Democracy in Times of Division"
23.1.2020 Offers of partnership in SwafS calls in Horizon 2020
21.1.2020 Partner search JRP SAS-TUBITAK
16.1.2020 Call Open! Prevention of Vascular Cognitive Impairment through Early Detection of Cardiovascular Diseases
16.1.2020 Call for Participants: Early Career Researcher Workshop
30.12.2019 Call PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT - „Prevention of Vascular Cognitive Impairment through Early Detection of Cardiovascular Diseases“
19.12.2019 Call open! - Pre-clinical Research to Develop Effective Therapies for Rare Diseases
16.12.2019 4 fellowships for participants from EU13 countries - The International Course Training on strategies to foster solutions of undiagnosed rare disease cases
13.12.2019 CALL OPEN! 7th Joint Call for JRP SAS – TUBITAK (Turecko)
12.12.2019 Select your topic for the next call! - CHIST-ERA Call 2020
9.12.2019 Call open! - Exchange Action for Officers “Joint Capacity building for climate services policy alignment”
5.12.2019 Excellent Paper in Neuroscience Award (EPNA) 2019
5.12.2019 Call Open! - EuroNanoMed3 JTC 2020 “European Innovative Research & Technological Development Projects in Nanomedicine”
5.12.2019 Preliminary Announcement ERA-NET NEURON JTC 2020
5.12.2019 Principles of allocation of funds for the institutes of SAS to support projects in the field of international scientific cooperation for the year 2020
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