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YOUNG RESEARCHER AWARD 2006 - Structural and evolutionary biology

8. 2. 2006 | zhliadnuté 1580-krát
Competition is available for young researchers (up to 35-years by the end of the year in which the decision is made)

employed by research units of the V4 Academies.
Competition is open in one scientific field each year. This year prizes will be awarded in structural and evolutionary biology.
According to the resolutions of the last V4 session in Wroclaw in April 2005, the text of the Regulations of the Visegrad Group Academies Young Researcher Award has been changed in compliance with the suggestions of the V4 members.
Enclosed please find the final text of the Regulations as well as the application form.

There is change in the regulations.

This year exclusively, due to short time to the V4 Forum, which is taking place in Prague, on the 24th-25th of April, the deadline for sending the applications to the National Academies is 15th of March
(not 31st, as it is indicated in the regulations).
The deadline of sending the winner´s application to the organizer Academy - point 6 of the Regulations is the 4th of April.