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Review Supercomputer Aurel currently occupied with fighting a pandemic
[29.5.2020] 246x
Review The shapes in the atomic nucleus communicate with each other in a different way than the scientists have thought till now
[26.5.2020] 393x
Review Mercury is in the best evening position for observation in this year
[21.5.2020] 474x
Review SAS to double the testing thanks to the unique device
[20.5.2020] 550x
Review The scientists of the BRC SAS participated in the development and validation of the first certified Slovak test for detecting the SARS-CoV-2 virus
[15.5.2020] 476x
Review A description of a so-far overlooked, but important fossil in amber
[11.5.2020] 553x
Review Life of international researchers in time of corona
[7.5.2020] 87x
Review COVID - 19 disease and its influence on the Slovak economics
[7.5.2020] 444x
Review “Thanks” to corona, the Slovaks are more aware of the importance of science
[7.5.2020] 395x
Review New sensor would also help patients with corona
[6.5.2020] 474x
Review Astronomers of the SAS are exploring the Sun for more than 70 years
[3.5.2020] 308x
Review Slovak computers are helping to fight the coronavirus
[27.4.2020] 468x
Review The language advisory service of the SAS is extremely helpful at the time of the pandemic
[21.4.2020] 708x
Review Research integrity even more important for research during a pandemic
[17.4.2020] 361x
Review SAS keeps the seniors in motion even at the time of the corona
[17.4.2020] 973x
Review Falling stars to cover the sky in the coming days
[17.4.2020] 1517x
Review The Ethnologists of the SAS are finding out how Slovaks spent an unusual Easter
[14.4.2020] 316x
Review How not to succumb to disinformation about a pandemic
[14.4.2020] 536x
Review SAS to educate pupils in times of the corona
[9.4.2020] 1619x
Review The (Un)planned Bratislava publication is available online
[9.4.2020] 476x