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Review Value-driven Technologies: Methods, Limits, and Prospects for Governing Innovations
[23.10.2019] 54x
Review Cooperation between Nobel Prize Laureate and the Institute of Virology BMC SAS
[9.10.2019] 317x
Review Recommendations by the International Advisory Board to the leadership of the SAS
[9.10.2019] 645x
Review Scientific Forum covers projects with Turkey
[8.10.2019] 366x
Review Alliance4Life Formalizes its Existence
[4.10.2019] 306x
Review SAS presents the first steps of the CEMEA project
[4.10.2019] 397x
Review “In Love” with Composites
[12.9.2019] 386x
Review The sounding board meeting of DG Justice project Polrom took place at SAS
[11.9.2019] 372x
Review Nobel Prize Winner gives a Lecture at the Congress of Chemists
[10.9.2019] 475x
Review Prof. RNDr. František Hindák, DrSc has passed away
[10.9.2019] 553x
Review The SAS supports climate strike.
[9.9.2019] 979x
Review Mark Hillery and his love of quantum physics, jazz and literature
[3.9.2019] 508x
Review A Primeval settlement is confirmed in the Tatras
[30.7.2019] 624x
Review The lightest superconducting cable in the world is developed at SAS
[26.7.2019] 933x
Review SAS Rewards Prominent Ecologists
[10.7.2019] 844x
Review SAS award presented in Smolenice
[2.7.2019] 1321x
Review Country Risk Specialist Meeting
[26.6.2019] 369x
Review SAS joins forces with the strongest universities
[25.6.2019] 486x
Review Using Stories to fight Prejudice: Linking Research and Educational Practice
[17.6.2019] 417x
Review Professor Gupta lectured at the Institute for Research in Social Communication of the SAS
[11.6.2019] 411x
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