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Lattice uniformities on orthomodular structures

In: Mathematica Slovaca, vol. 51, no. 4
Anna Avallone
Rok, strany: 2001, 403 - 419
O článku:
We prove that every lattice uniformity on an orthomodular lattice is generated by a family of weakly subadditive functions and that every modular measure on a difference-lattice generates a topological structure as modular functions on orthomodular lattices.
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ISO 690:
Avallone, A. 2001. Lattice uniformities on orthomodular structures. In Mathematica Slovaca, vol. 51, no.4, pp. 403-419. 0139-9918.

Avallone, A. (2001). Lattice uniformities on orthomodular structures. Mathematica Slovaca, 51(4), 403-419. 0139-9918.