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In: Ekonomický časopis/Journal of Economics, vol. 55, no. 9
Mićo Mrkaić - Rado Pezdir

R&D Investments in Slovenia


Year, pages: 2007, 873 - 885
Keywords: Keywords: research and development, economic policy, transition, science-bu-siness relations JEL Classifications: C15, C45, O15, O32, P36
Article type: Vedecký článok

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The study analyzes the potential impact of implementation of the Lisbon strategy on Slovenian economic performance. The focus of our work is the recommendation of the strategy that the EU members should invest three per cent of their GDP in research and development (R&D). We analyze this recommendation using comparative descriptive analysis and a simulation of research output with neural networks. On the example of Slovenia we show that Lisbon targets, espe-cially the goal of investing 3 per cent of GDP in R&D, are not necessarily a part of an efficient economic policy. There is no necessary connection between increases in R&D spending and economic efficiency. Investments in R&D are strongly related to interactions between the research sector and businesses and depend on the structure of both sectors. Decisions about investing in applied R&D should be left to market players while economic policy makers should do their best to support R&D activities through structural reforms. This policy prescription applies primarily for transition countries.

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Mrkaić, M., Pezdir, R. 2007. R&D Investments in Slovenia. In Ekonomický časopis/Journal of Economics, vol. 55, no.9, pp. 873-885. ISSN 0013-3035.

Mrkaić, M., Pezdir, R. (2007). R&D Investments in Slovenia. Ekonomický časopis/Journal of Economics, 55(9), 873-885. ISSN 0013-3035.