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“Moje telo, moja voľba.” Telo a telesnosť z feministickej perspektívy

In: Etnologické rozpravy, vol. 29, no. 1
Kamila Koza Beňová Číslo ORCID
Rok, strany: 2022, 36 - 54
Jazyk: slo
Kľúčové slová:
telo, telesnosť, antropológia tela, feminizmus, medicínska antropológia
the body, corporeality, anthropology of the body, feminism, medical anthropology
Typ článku: štúdia / study
Typ dokumentu: štúdia / study
O článku:
The study shows how the body was conceptualized from a theoretical point of view, how it was classified, normalized, disciplined and how the struggles for its liberation took place, argues why it is (not) necessary to talk about the female body, points to certain intersections between anthropology and feminist theory. The main purpose of the text is to capture how the feminist understanding of the female body and corporeality developed, to point out the main points of the "reversal" that fundamentally influenced feminist thinking and at the same time to give space to less visible feminist discourse - all with an emphasis on the Slovak home environment. It also points out that the thinking about the body and the corporeality is firmly linked to the idea of gender as the central theoretical concept of feminism, on the one hand and the "woman" on the other, as a subject of feminist politics. It is the female body and corporeality that largely reflects the gap between feminist theory (thinking) and practice (politics). The study in the first part of the thesis will provide a theoretical insight into the research of the (female) body and corporality from a feminist perspective. The themes/subjects/motifs of body and corporality have been at the centre of feminist debates since the beginning, from Simone de Beauvoir's philosophical considerations to Judith Butler. They also play an integral part of past and present ethnological and anthropological research, which has reflected the diverse socio-cultural meanings of the body, often in the context of gender and sexuality. The development of anthropological thinking has largely shaped the conflict between social and biological determinism. In contrast to the dominant poststructuralist discourse in academic feminism, the study in the next chapters of the thesis from an ethnological perspective will focus on various forms of the struggle of the current feminist movement for female bodies, focusing on the Slovak context, under the slogan "my body, my choice".
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Koza Beňová, K. 2022. “Moje telo, moja voľba.” Telo a telesnosť z feministickej perspektívy. In Etnologické rozpravy, vol. 29, no.1, pp. 36-54. 2729-9759. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31577/EtnoRozpra.2022.29.1.02

Koza Beňová, K. (2022). “Moje telo, moja voľba.” Telo a telesnosť z feministickej perspektívy. Etnologické rozpravy, 29(1), 36-54. 2729-9759. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31577/EtnoRozpra.2022.29.1.02
O vydaní:
Vydavateľ: Národopisná spoločnosť Slovenska / Ethnographic Society of Slovakia
Publikované: 19. 7. 2022
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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License