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Weak pseudo-BCK algebras

In: Mathematica Slovaca, vol. 68, no. 6
Lavinia Corina Ciungu
Rok, strany: 2018, 1327 - 1338
Kľúčové slová:
pseudo-BCK algebra, pseudo-BE algebra, weak pseudo-BCK algebra, commutative weak pseudo-BCK algebra, quasi pseudo-BCK algebra, weak pseudo-BCK(E) algebra
O článku:
In this paper we define and study the weak pseudo-BCK algebras as generalizations of weak BCK-algebras, extending some results given by Cīrulis for weak BCK-algebras. We give some characterizations of weak pseudo-BCK algebras and we prove that a weak pseudo-BCK algebra satisfying the right distribution laws is a BCK-algebra. We define the class of commutative weak pseudo-BCK algebras, and we give equivalent definitions and characterization theorems for commutative weak pseudo-BCK algebras. The classes of quasi pseudo-BCK algebras and weak pseudo-BCK(E) algebras are introduced and a characterization theorem for quasi pseudo-BCK algebras is given. We prove that any weak pseudo-BCK(E) algebra is a pseudo-BE algebra and the class of commutative weak pseudo-BCK(E) algebras is equivalent to the class of commutative pseudo-BCK algebras.
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ISO 690:
Ciungu, L. 2018. Weak pseudo-BCK algebras. In Mathematica Slovaca, vol. 68, no.6, pp. 1327-1338. 0139-9918. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/ms-2017-0183

Ciungu, L. (2018). Weak pseudo-BCK algebras. Mathematica Slovaca, 68(6), 1327-1338. 0139-9918. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/ms-2017-0183
O vydaní:
Publikované: 3. 12. 2018