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Oblivious lookup-tables

In: Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications, vol. 67, no. 3
Markus Stefan Wamser - Stefan Rass - Peter Schartner
Rok, strany: 2016, 193 - 205
Kľúčové slová:
OLUT, homomorphic encryption, function evaluation
O článku:
Evaluating arbitrary functions on encrypted data is one of the holy grails of cryptography, with FHE being probably the most prominent and powerful example. FHE, in its current state is, however, not efficient enough for practical applications. On the other hand, simple homomorphic and somewhat homomorphic approaches are not powerful enough to support arbitrary computations.

We propose a new approach towards a practicable system for evaluating functions on encrypted data. Our approach allows to chain an arbitrary number of computations, which makes it more powerful than existing efficient schemes. As with basic FHE we do not encrypt or in any way hide the function, that is evaluated on the encrypted data. It is, however, sufficient that the function description is known only to the evaluator. This situation arises in practice for software as a SaaS-scenarios, where an evaluator provides a function only known to him and the user wants to protect his data. Another application might be the analysis of sensitive data, such as medical records.

In this paper we restrict ourselves to functions with only one input parameter, which allow arbitrary transformations on encrypted data.

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ISO 690:
Wamser, M., Rass, S., Schartner, P. 2016. Oblivious lookup-tables. In Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications, vol. 67, no.3, pp. 193-205. 1210-3195.

Wamser, M., Rass, S., Schartner, P. (2016). Oblivious lookup-tables. Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications, 67(3), 193-205. 1210-3195.