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Slovenská literatúra


Publisher: Institute of Slovak Literature

Language: Slovak



Ústav slovenskej literatúry SAV
Dúbravská cesta 9
841 04 Bratislava 4
Slovenská republika

Slovak literature: Revue for literary scholarship
ISSN 0037 – 6973
MIČ 49 607

Slovenská literatúra (Slovak literature) is an open access (from 2017) and double blind peer reviewed academic journal published by Institute of Slovak Literature of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. The main objective of Slovenská literatúra is to provide a platform for the international scholars, academicians and researchers to share the contemporary thoughts in the fields of literature and literary culture.

Subject: The journal publishes research papers in the fields of the Slovak literature and generally theory of literature, literary research methods and literary discourse.
It is considered to be a basic journal of the Slovak literary studies in the international connections.

Authors: The journal is open for different groups of researchers of the history of literature, theory of literature, the literary critics from national and international institutions and universities.

Articles: The contributions offer a picture about methodological basis, research goals and research projects from history (from ancient time up to now), theory, critics, genealogy, semiology, textology, comparative literary studies, cognitive literary studies, history of culture, bibliography and so on.
The journal publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and case studies, textology research, and book reviews.
Standard columns are: Articles, Horizons, Discussion, Sources and Documents, Chronicle, From scholarly life.
Special Issues devoted to important topics in literature will occasionally be published.

Peer Review: Manuscripts that qualify for closer consideration undergo a double-blind peer-review process by at least two competent experts. Peer reviewers are selected by the editors of journal Slovenská literatúra. The authors will be notified if the paper was accepted for publication within two months after the submission of the paper. Authors are kindly asked to prepare their manuscripts for blind reviewing. In particular, any first-person references to their own publications should be removed.

Slovenská literatúra is indexed with and included in Elsevier SCOPUS (since 2018); Clarivate Analytics Web of Science – Emerging Sources Citation Index (WOS-EBSCI; since 2017), CEJSH, ERIH PLUS, CEEOL.

Distributed by LK Permanent

Published: six time a year

The Chief Editor: Karol Csiba
Editor of Reviews: Martin Braxatoris
Managing Editor: Adelaida Mezeiová
Technical staff: Juraj Kočár

Slovak editorial board: Vladimír Barborík, René Bílik, Andrea Bokníková, Erika Brtáňová, Ján Gavura, Ján Gbúr, Martin Golema, Igor Hochel, Dana Hučková, Fedor Matejov, Zora Prušková, Radoslav Passia, Ivana Taranenková, Peter Zajac

International editorial board: Joanna Goszczyńska (Warszawa), Aleksandra Hudymač (Kraków), Pavel Janoušek (Prague), Michal Jareš (Prague), Alfrun Kliems (Berlin), Iva Málková (Ostrava), Špela Sevšek Šramel (Ljubljana), Róbert Kiss Szemán (Budapest), Petr Šámal (Prague), Dalibor Tureček (České Budějovice)