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Témy doktorandského štúdia

Centrum spoločenských a psychologických vied SAV, v. v. i.

Názov témy
The effect of air pollution on cognitive functions in older and younger populations in rural and urban areas in Slovakia.
Program DŠ
Psychológia zdravia
Meno školiteľa/-ky
Prof. Mgr. Peter Halama, PhD.
Prijímajúca škola
Fakulta sociálnych a ekonomických vied UK
Stručná anotácia
We know that air pollution has a negative effect on cognitive functions. However, we need more precise estimates of this effect for different geographic areas, in order to be able to develop efficient methods to cope with negative consequences of air pollution adapted to particular regions and populations. This project will explore the effect of air pollution on cognitive function
in old and young people in urban and rural areas. Air pollution will be measured as a particular matter concentration (instrumental measurements) and using publicly available satellite data. Cognitive functions will be measured using simple tests on memory, attention, spatial orientation. You will learn: 1) how to estimate the level of air pollution using instrumental measurements; 2) how to access satelite data and analyze it relative to particular geographical segment; 3) how cognitive tests
using various experimental paradigms.