PhD. Topics

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

Preparation and characterization of microspheres based on Si3N4 suitable for 3D printing process.
PhD. program
Inorganic technology and materials
Name of the supervisor
prof. RNDr. Pavol Šajgalík, DrSc. ()
Receiving school
Slovak Technical University in Bratislava
Preparation of Si3N4 micro-granules with biocompatible sintering additives by freeze granulation and freeze drying. The main aim will be the preparation of micro-granules with designed macro and micro-porosity, defined strength after pre-sintering. These properties have to be preserved during the preparation of slurry for 3D printing of porous scaffolds using the direct-ink-writing process. The printed scaffolds will be sintered in nitrogen atmosphere. The final total porosity, pore size distribution and compressive strength of scaffolds will be characterized.