PhD. Topics

Institute of Measurement Science

Analysis of complex time series
PhD. program
Measurement technology
Name of the supervisor
RNDr. Anna Krakovská, CSc. ()
Receiving school
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Brati
The topic concerns modern analysis of measured time series. The emphasis is on a multivariate causal analysis that looks for variables with the strongest impact. In practice, when measuring several observables of the system, the causality detection can help to select the signals that represent the most useful source of information. The main application area will be multichannel electroencephalographic records from the human brain. It turns out that the connectivity between the brain regions is a potentially useful tool for classifying different brain states, recognizing neurological disorders, or characterizing cognitive abilities.
The thesis topic is suitable for a candidate with an interest in creative applications and design of the appropriate mathematical methods. Another requirement is knowledge of English and experience with software development and testing in the MatLab environment.
During the study, the PhD. student will broaden his / her knowledge in the field of biomeasurement and become familiar with methods based on the theory of dynamic systems, including chaos and fractal theory, and partly also on statistics, information theory and mathematical optimization.