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Testing of biodegradability of new refinery products and petrochemicals.

Code: IMC-P-00-0024-UMB

Institute of Molecular Biology

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An actual mark of universal development is rational economizing with petroleum as the most precious carbon raw material. The quantity of processed crude oil is decreased and turning to deep processing of petroleum for which the innovation of existing technologies are characteristic as well as the development of new processes and new substances with specific properties. Pollution of environment by refinery products and petrochemicals represent a serious problem. In the case of potential pollution of environment, the products must fulfil some criteria of biodegradability. In European Union countries, the criteria of biodegradabilty are determined by OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) standard. This is the reason why selection, physiological and biochemical studies of microorganisms with ability to degrade the products creat is part of research project of Istitute of Microbiology SAS and Faculty of Chemical technology STU. The study of toxicity, intermediates or products of metabolic pathway of biodegradation also belong to the solved project.


Testing of the new refinery products biodegradability according OECD standard.




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