Conferences and Scientific Events

Upcoming Conferences at SAS

   18th International Symposium - Landscape diversity and biodiversity Congress centre Smolenice of the SAS, Slovakia 23.04.2019 27.04.2019
  46th Annual Conference on Yeasts Congress Center SAS, Smolenice Castle 07.05.2019 10.05.2019
  46th Annual Conference on Yeast Congress Centre SAS Smolenice, Slovakia 07.05.2019 10.05.2019
   17th Czech and Slovak Conference on Magnetism June 3-7, 2019 Košice, Slovakia Košice 03.06.2019 07.06.2019
   The Biennial International Society of Critical Health Psychology conference Bratislava 14.07.2019 17.07.2019

Previous Conferences at SAS

  Reviving of castles Bratislava 13.02.2018 14.02.2018
   Russula workshop on microscopy “Quest for a globally comprehensible Russula language” Banská Bystrica 24.02.2018 28.02.2018
  11th Workshop on Modern Methods in Quantum Chemistry Mariapfarr, Austria 25.02.2018 02.03.2018
   17 th Alps-Adria Scientific workshop Hnanice, Czech republik 09.04.2018 14.04.2018
  RegioResources 21-2018, Global Megatrends and Landscape Congress centre Smolenice of the SAS, Slovakia 17.04.2018 19.04.2018
  Multilingualism in the Danube space before and after 1918 Viedeň 03.05.2018 04.05.2018
   45th Annual Conference on Yeasts Smolenice Castle 15.05.2018 18.05.2018
  45th Annual Conference on Yeasts Congress Center SAS, Smolenice, Slovakia 15.05.2018 18.05.2018
  Media, places and riruals of the women. Kultural history of women communication in the Habsburg Monarchy. Smolenice 21.05.2018 23.05.2018
  International symposium for history of medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine Bratislava 16.06.2018 17.06.2018
   International Russulales Workshop 2018 Borgsjö, Sweden 26.08.2018 01.09.2018
  8th International Congress of Pathophysiology Bratislava 05.09.2018 08.09.2018
  30 years of Nitra Castle research Nitra 06.09.2018 08.09.2018
   Czech-Slovak Confrontations 2018 Prague 12.09.2018 14.09.2018
   Middle Slovakia in medieval times. Development of the settlement in the region before the granting of urban privileges to town of Zvolen. Zvolen 14.09.2018 14.09.2018
  50th anniversary of the August 1968 Bratislava 18.09.2018 18.09.2018
  Slovakia and Russia during the significant historical events: people, ideas, events Prešov 21.09.2018 23.09.2018
   The Present and Future of the Mining and Geology 2018 Hotel Repiská – Demänovská Dolina 04.10.2018 05.10.2018
  The Creation of the Czechoslovak Republic from the Central European Point of View Varšava 12.10.2018 13.10.2018
  Fractography 2018 KC Academia Stará Lesná 14.10.2018 17.10.2018
  Urnfield Culture and Hallstatt Period in Central Europe Smolenice 15.10.2018 19.10.2018
  Functional Composite Materials 2018 Institute of Materials Research, Watsonova 47, Kosice 16.10.2018 16.10.2018
  Russian Emigrants in Slovakia 1918 – 1945 Brodzany 18.10.2018 18.10.2018
   VIII. workshop of the project UNESCO "Flood regime of rivers in the Danube River Basin" KC SAS, Smolenice 29.10.2018 31.10.2018
   Setkání mladých taxonomů Senica 09.11.2018 11.11.2018
  „Because the kingdom of one language and morality is poor and weak“ Contribution of members of non-Slovak ethnicities and nationalities to development of Slovakia Auditorium SAS Dúbravská cesta 9, Bratislava 14.11.2018 14.11.2018
   INSTRUCT-ULTRA "2nd Structural Biology Meeting" Bratislava, Slovakia, Hotel Tatra 15.11.2018 16.11.2018
   MOBILISE - Mobilising Data, Policies and Experts in Scientific Collections Bratislava 16.11.2018 16.11.2018
  SSSI 2018 is the 10th international conference in the series of the Solid State Surfaces and Interfaces conferences Smolenice Castle, Slovakia 19.11.2018 22.11.2018
   5th PIAAC International Conference Bratislava 27.11.2018 29.11.2018
  Internationales Symposion Grundprobleme der frühgeschichtlichen Entwicklung im mittleren Donauraum Brno 04.12.2018 07.12.2018
  Modernism in Slovak Literature 1900 - 1948 Bratislava 11.12.2018 11.12.2018