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Review SAS scientists have developed a unique material for dental implants
[16.7.2020] 224x
Review What does it mean to be literate in conditions of today's society and how to achieve it?
[13.7.2020] 204x
Review Composites of nano cerium and carbon enterosorbents in the treatment of acute radiation
[13.7.2020] 259x
Review Meteor showers in the summer months
[10.7.2020] 373x
Review It is more difficult for women in the labour market
[9.7.2020] 427x
Review National Video Game Day
[8.7.2020] 291x
Review Košice scientists are participating in a space mission to Jupiter
[3.7.2020] 415x
Review Flood regime of rivers in the Danube River basin
[29.6.2020] 374x
Review The cluster´s priorities are internationalization in science and support of Slovak scientists
[24.6.2020] 464x
Review The Slovak Academy of Sciences Awards of 2019
[23.6.2020] 1307x
Review Toxicologist from SAS has become the chairperson of the European Society of Toxicology In Vitro
[19.6.2020] 341x
Review SAS scientists are proposing new possibilities for the use of satellite monitoring of light pollution sources
[18.6.2020] 371x
Review The Slovak Academy of Sciences is the best research institution in Slovakia
[17.6.2020] 516x
Review As many as two-thirds of the water in Slovakia evaporates every year
[17.6.2020] 299x
Review The laureates of the Scientist of the Year SR 2019 award
[17.6.2020] 573x
Review European Social Survey: two reports that will please
[15.6.2020] 260x
Review Slovak scientists have developed resistant material for 3D printers
[5.6.2020] 527x
Review The Institute of History SAS on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Trianon Peace Treaty on June 4, 1920
[4.6.2020] 551x
Review SAS announces the 2nd call of the Grant Programme for SAS PhD students
[1.6.2020] 506x
Review The SAS has the highest credibility with the population historically
[1.6.2020] 552x