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Information Page of SAS Employee

Curriculum vitae

Mgr. Ing. Miloslav Bahna, PhD.

Professional Career and Positions

2019, June: Director, Institute for Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
2015, June: Chairperson of the Academic Committee, Institute for Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (until: 2019, May)
2013, June: Deputy Director, Institute for Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (until: 2015, May)
2011, June: Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review, Editor (until: 2017, June)
2005, April: Research fellow, Institute for Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences


2011 PhD., Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University in Bratislava
2005 Mgr., Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University in Bratislava
2000 Ing., Software engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava



Bahna, M., Hofreiter, R., Gyárfášová, O., Zagrapan, J. (2021) Medzi Východom a Západom: Prípad Slovensko (Between East and West: Case Slovakia), Bratislava: Sociologický ústav SAV, 224 pp.

Bahna, M., Sekulová, M. (2019) Crossborder Care: Lessons from Central Europe, Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 149 pp.

Bahna, M. (2011) Migrácia zo Slovenska po vstupe do Európskej únie (Migration from Slovakia after Accession to the European Union), Bratislava: VEDA, 219 pp.

Selected Peer Reviewed Articles

Bahna, M. (2021) The intergenerational social mobility of internationally mobile students: The status attainment of returnees from abroad compared to non-returnees, Population, Space and Place 27(6): e2425.

Bahna, M., Zagrapan, J. (2020) The Electoral Success of the Extreme Right: Is the Presence of a Minority Important?, Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 56(3): 291-313.

Hofreiter, R., Bahna, M. (2020) Looking for a Job and Borrowing Money: Uncertainty and the Reliance on Strong Ties, International Journal of Sociology 50(2): 103-121.

Luczaj, K., Bahna, M. (2020) Explaining the role of international scholars in semi-peripheries. Evidence from Slovakia, Studies in Higher Education 45(4): 706-722. [ download PDF ]

Bahna, M. (2019) Context matters: Measuring nationalism in the countries of the former Czechoslovakia, Nationalities Papers 47(1): 2-19. [ download PDF ]

Bahna, M. (2018) Study choices and returns of international students: On the role of cultural and economic capital of the family, Population, Space and Place 24(2): e2082. [ download PDF ]

Bahna, M. (2016) Ten years after the post-accession migration wave from EU 8 to the UK: what can we learn from the largest intra-EU migration experiment?, Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie 41(4): 373–389. [ PDF view ]

Bahna, M., Krivý, V. (2016) Ako volili národnosti a konfesie v parlamentných voľbách roku 1929 na Slovensku. Možnosti nových metód ekologickej interferencie (Voting Preferences of Nationalities and Denominations in the 1929 Parliamentary Elections in Slovakia), Historický časopis 64(1): 57-85. [ download PDF ]

Bahna, M. (2015) Victims of Care Drain and Transnational Partnering? Slovak Female Elder Care Workers in Austria, European Societies 17(4): 447-466. [download PDF]

Bahna, M. (2014) Slovak care workers in Austria: How important is the context of the sending country?, Journal of Contemporary European Studies 22(4): 411-426. [download PDF]

Krivý, V., Bahna, M. (2013) Medzi ideovou sebaidentifikáciou a expertným zaradením: metóda latentných ideových typov. (Between Self-Identification and Expert Evaluation of Ideological Preferences: The Method of Latent Ideological Types), Sociologický časopis – Czech Sociological Review 49(2): 191-220.

Bahna, M. (2013) Intra-EU Migration from Slovakia: An Evaluation of New Economics of Labour Migration and Migrant Networks Theories, European Societies 15(3): 388-407. [download PDF]

Bahna, M. (2008) Predictions of Migration from the New Member States after Their Accession into the European Union: Successes and Failures, International Migration Review 42(4): 844-860.

Selected Book Chapters

Luczaj, K., Bahna, M. (2022) International Scholars in Academic Semi-Peripheries: A Sign of Research Excellence or a Remedy for Staff Shortages? In: Glass, Ch. R., Bista, K., Lin, X. (eds) The Experiences of International Faculty in Institutions of Higher Education: Enhancing Recruitment, Retention, and Integration of International Talent, Routledge, 2022, 121 - 134.

Bahna, M. (2020) The economic rationales behind crossborder care among care workers from Slovakia. In: Katona, N., Melegh, A. (eds) Towards a Scarcity of Care? Tensions and contradictions in transnational elderly care systems in central and eastern Europe. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Budapest, 2020, 92 - 114.

Bahna, M. (2016) Slowakische 24-Stunden-Betreuerinnen in Ősterreich: Nur ein Weiterer Migrationsstrom aus der Slowakei? (Slovenské opatrovateľky seniorov v Rakúsku: Len ďalší migračný tok zo Slovenska?) In: Weicht, B., Österle, A. (eds) Im Ausland zu Hause pflegen: Die Beschäftigung von MigrantInnen in der 24-Stunden-Betreuung, LIT VERLAG, 2016, 199 - 220.

Bahna, M. (2013) Dve dekády medzinárodnej migrácie zo Slovenska. (Two decades of international migration from Slovakia) In: Krivý, V. (ed) Ako sa mení slovenská spoločnosť., Bratislava: Sociologický ústav SAV, 2013, 355 - 383.

Bahna, M. (2013) European Union Migration and Social Charter. In: Ness, E. (ed) The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration, Wiley Blackwell.

Bahna, M., Majo, J. (2012) Bratislava zblízka. Voľby ’12 a ’10. (Bratislava at close range: Elections ’12 and ’10) In: Krivý, V. (ed) Slovenské voľby ’12: čo im predchádzalo, postoje a výsledky., Sociologický ústav SAV, 2012, 203-235.

Piscová, M., Bahna, M. (2012) Austro-Hungarian Monarchy Memory Trace in the Central European Countries. In: Höllinger, F., Hadler, M. (eds.) Crossing Borders, Shifting Boundaries: National and Transnational Identities in Europe and Beyond, Campus.

Bahna, M., Piscová, M., Tížik, M. (2009) Shaping of National Identity in the Processes of Separation and Integration in Central and Eastern Europe. In: Haller, M., Jowell, R., Smith, T., W. (eds.) The International Social Survey Program 1984-2009, Charting the Globe, Routledge.

A complete publication list can be found here.

Invited Stays

30.3. – 2.4.2015 GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences, Cologne; Host: Markus Quandt, Head of Research Data Center International Survey Programmes; Purpose: implementation of own-designed algorithm detecting bad variable encoding in comparative social surveys

Selected Conference Papers

New approaches to measuring central concepts in the study of nationalism: Pre-test results from four countries, ECPR General Conference, Innsbruck, 25.8.2022

How Does our Society Look Like? Unemployment Experience and Perception of Social Structure, ESA 15th Conference - Sociological Knowledges for Alternative Futures, Barcelona (Online), 3.9.2021

From compliance to ignorance in the first year of the pandemic: The dynamics of the views of the far right, European Consortium for Sociological Research 2021 Conference, online, 7 – 8.10.2021 (with J. Zagrapan)

Post graduation returns and non-returns of internationally mobile students: Good or bad for intergenerational social mobility?, European Consortium for Sociological Research 2019 Conference, Lausanne, 12 – 14.9.2019

Omitting the political context: Why we fail in comparing nationalism across countries and across time, European Consortium for Sociological Research 2017 Conference, Milan, 31.8.2017 (with J. Zagrapan)

From International Students to International Migrants: Cultural and Economic Capital and the Career Paths of Slovak Foreign Students in a Visa Free Europe, Third ISA Forum of Sociology, Vienna, 12.7.2016

ISSP National Identity: Pitfalls in Measuring Nationalism Across Countries and Across Time, Third ISA Forum of Sociology, Vienna, 14.7.2016

How can variable interrelations be used to detect reversed variable encoding, ISSP 2014 Research Session, Tampere, 25.5.2014

Measures of subjective social status: How do objective indicators relate to subjective evaluation of social status?, ESA 11th Conference - Crisis, Critique and Change, Torino, 29.8.2013 (with R. Džambazovič)

Slovak Elder Care Workers in Austria: Do their Families Suffer?, ESA 11th Conference - Crisis, Critique and Change, Torino, 29.8.2013

Migration from the New EU Member States: Two Economic Rationales for Labor Migration, the Case of Labor Migration from Slovakia, XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology. Sociology on the move, Gothenburg, 13.7.2010

Two measures of subjective social status – how do objective indicators relate to subjective evaluation?, ISSP 2010 Research Session, Lisabon (with R. Džambazovič), 2.5.2010

Editorial board memberships and other reviewing service

Editorial board member Central and Eastern European Migration Review, Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review a Sociológia.

Ad hoc reviewer for International Migration Review, Studies in Higher Education, International Sociology, Population, Space and Place, European Societies, Nations and Nationalism, International Migration, Journal of Youth Studies, National Identities, International Journal of Sociology, Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, Journal of European Integration, Journal of International Migration and Integration, Ekonomický časopis, Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review, Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review, Historický časopis, Nordic Journal of Migration Research, Central and Eastern European Migration Review, Demográfia, Sociální Studia, Slovenský národopis and Geografický časopis.

Ad hoc reviewer for funding bodies COST Association (EU), Fulbright Commission Czech Republic (CZ), National Science Centre (PL), Agentúra na podporu výskumu a vývoja (SK), Vedecká grantová agentúra Ministerstva školstva, vedy, výskumu a športu Slovenskej republiky a Slovenskej akadémie vied (VEGA) (SK).

Last updated: November 17, 2022