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Information Page of SAS Employee

Curriculum vitae

RNDr. Magdaléna Májeková, PhD.


Májeková (Trebatická) Magdaléna

Education at Comenius University Bratislava, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
1982 - Master degree in Biophysics
1991 - Philosophiae doctor degree in Physical Chemistry

Present posistion: leading researcher, Institute of Experimental Pharmacology & Toxicology, SAS

Actual Research Interests
Design and modeling of new potential inhibitors of aldo-keto reductase with indole structure.
Substituted pyridoindoles as potential multi-target-directed ligands in prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Design and molecular modeling of MTDL - potential drugs for diabetes-related diseases. Modeling of SERCA (Ca2+-ATPase). Elaboration of indole type structure-based database.

Prof. R. Ramsay, St. Andrews University, United Kingdom
Prof. G. Klebe, University of Marburg, Germany
Prof. M. Unzeta, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Prof. C. Stecosa, University of Carol Davila, Romania
COST CM1103, COST CA15135 – members of management committee