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International Cooperation

CALL OPEN ! FLAG ERA JTC 2021 Graphene / Human Brain Project

1. 12. 2020 | 161 visits

International Cooperation Department informs that ERA-NET consortium FLAG ERA opened JTC 2021.

Research areas

Graphene BASIC Research
1. Layered Magnetic Materials and Heterostructures
2. Growth and device integration of two-dimensional amorphous materials
3. Scalable growth & device integration of UltraLow Power Spin-Orbit Memories based on GRMs
4. Bacterial degradation of GRMs
5. GRM based devices and circuits for neuromorphic computing
6. Infrared+THz emission and detection with twisted GRMs
7. Functionalized GRMs for advanced multivalent metal-ion batteries (MMIBs)
8. Chemical sensing with GRMs
9. MXene foams for capacitive deionization water desalination
10. Rheological models for GRM suspensions and multiphase flows
Graphene Applied Reseach and Innovation
1. Antiviral protection with GRM-based foams and coatings
2. GRM-based Neural Interfaces for Bioelectronic Medicines
3. GRM-based spectrometer for visible and infrared
4. GRM-based, Ultra-Broadband THz-Transceiver technologies for 6G compliant wireless communication
5. Tuning the hot-carrier lifetime in layered materials heterostructures for photoresponsivity enhancement
6. GRMs for advanced metal-ion supercapacitors
7. GRM-based electrodes for redox flow batteries
8. GRM components for Self-charging and Self-powered Electronics
HBP Research and Innovation
1. Studying genotype-phenotype relationships related to Brain Function
2. Tackling Psychiatric Diseases
3. Accelerating the diagnosis and the development of therapeutic approaches for rare diseases affecting the nervous system

Projects submission deadline April 19, 2021.

More information on JTC 2021  https://www.flagera.eu/flag-era-calls/flag-era-joint-transnational-call-jtc-2021/jtc2021-call-announcement/

Info webinar on JTC 2021 will take place on January 19, 2021. The registration is open here

SAS Presidium approved on 6 August 2020 participation at the FLAG ERA JTC 2021 with indicative budget 240k EUR to support 2 research projects for 3 years (co-financing by respective institute is 15k EUR / year). 
Contact: Zuzana Panisová, panisova@up.upsav.sk