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International Cooperation


16. 2. 2011 | 2242 visits
The official letter and any support from you and/or from your institution will be greatly appreciated

Dear Friends,

These days Slovak Scientific Community of fighting for the future of their financing. Please pass this email also to other relevant people.

Slovak Government has just decided, that 120 million EURO from research financing from European Structural Funds will be reallocated to the highways construction. This is very unfortunate and shortsighted decision moving money from research to concrete. Slovak scientific community protests via web site www.zachranmevedu.sk - there is also part of the site in English, where you can support Slovak scientists.

Speaking about the basic facts – 120 million EURO – represents 30% cut in Slovak science financing for next 3 years in exchange for only 7 km long part of highway. The added value of 120 million EURO spent in research is much higher than in the concrete.

The Government’s intention to transfer a large portion of funds from research to highway construction is in sharp contradiction with the proclaimed goal of creating a knowledge economy. It threatens the survival of Slovakia’s best research and is at the same time in contradiction with the recently adopted strategy Europe 2020.

As the decision of the Slovak Government is subject to approval from the European Commission, we strongly hope, that finally the reallocation of the money will not take place. In order to prevent Slovak and also European Science from this dangerous precedent, all European Scientists and major Scientific Institutions should express their concern about this issue towards Slovak Government and also EU institutions – European Commission and European Parliament.

We – Slovak Scientists – do hope very strongly – that European scientific community will help us to prevent European Commission decision, which should damage already underfinanced Slovak research in very crucial way.

Attached you can find letter of Slovak Scientists to EU and World Scientific Community, text of the call addressed to the Slovak Government as well as sample of support letter in case you/your institution will decide to support Slovak Scientists also oficially.

Kind regards and many thanks for your help in advance.