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Vchod do areálu SAV na Patrónke v  Bratislave

Invitation to the all-academic doctoral seminar

20. 2. 2023 | 737 visits

On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, at 9:00 AM, an all-academic doctoral seminar will be held at the SAS great hall at Patrónka in Bratislava. Its main objective is the mutual acquaintance between the doctoral students and, at the same time, the presentation of the works of PhD students.

Seminar programme:

1. Elżbieta Drążkiewicz, PhD., from the Institute for Sociology, will present her story as a successful young scientist and fresh ERC grant holder.

2. Ing. Beáta Ondrušová (Scientifi section 1, Institute of Measurement Science): Analysis of the role of electrodes in a multichannel ECG system and their effect on accuracy of an inverse model. 

3. Mgr. Alper Güneren (Scientific section 2, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry): Carbon-silicon based composite anodes for Li-ion batteries.

4. Mgr. Laura Belicajová (Scientific section 3, Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics SAS): Analysis of narratives from Poland-Slovak borderland. Ethnolinguistic research discursus in Goral dialect environment. 

In case of interest, please register.

The seminar will be in English.

The organizers expect the personal attendance of PhD students. For participants outside Bratislava who cannot attend in person, or for other interested young scientists, an online presentation via Zoom is ready.

Meeting ID: 828 5689 0109



Spracovala: Andrea Nozdrovická

Foto: Martin Bystriansky

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