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Osobitosti kodifikácie spisovnej macedónčiny

In: Slavica Slovaca, vol. 45, no. 2
Emil Horák


Year, pages: 2010, 124 - 128
Codification of Slavic literary languages, convergent and divergent tendencies, language codification and politics, literary language and nation states, the name of a literary language, Bulgarian-Macedonian language query.
About article:
This study examines the specific features of codification of the Macedonian language, thanks to which the Macedonian language earned a central position among other Slavic literary languages in a temporal retrospective as well as on the level of content.
How to cite:
ISO 690:
Horák, E. 2010. Osobitosti kodifikácie spisovnej macedónčiny. In Slavica Slovaca, vol. 45, no.2, pp. 124-128. 0037-6787 .

Horák, E. (2010). Osobitosti kodifikácie spisovnej macedónčiny. Slavica Slovaca, 45(2), 124-128. 0037-6787 .