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In: Mathematica Slovaca, vol. 54, no. 1
Thurlow A. Cook - David Foulis

The base-normed space of a unital group


Year, pages: 2004, 69 - 85

About article:

One of the more elegant approaches to the mathematical foundations of the experimental sciences is the linear-duality formalism featuring an order-unit space $U$ in order duality with a base-normed space $V$. The unit interval $E$ in $U$ is the set of effects, and the cone base $Ω$ in $V$ is the set of states. For various reasons, some of which we indicate, it is useful to replace the order-unit space $U$ by a partially ordered abelian group $G$ with order unit. One can still associate a base-normed space $V(G)$ with $G$, and much of the articulation between $U$ and $V$ is still available in this more general context.

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ISO 690:
Cook, T., Foulis, D. 2004. The base-normed space of a unital group. In Mathematica Slovaca, vol. 54, no.1, pp. 69-85. 0139-9918.

Cook, T., Foulis, D. (2004). The base-normed space of a unital group. Mathematica Slovaca, 54(1), 69-85. 0139-9918.