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Martin Heidegger: Nač básníci?

In: World Literature Studies, vol. 10, no. 2
Gabriel Lukáč


Year, pages: 2018, 122 - 123
Language: slo
Article type: recenzie / book reviews
Document type: pdf
How to cite:
ISO 690:
Lukáč, G. 2018. Martin Heidegger: Nač básníci?. In World Literature Studies, vol. 10, no.2, pp. 122-123. 1337-9275.

Lukáč, G. (2018). Martin Heidegger: Nač básníci?. World Literature Studies, 10(2), 122-123. 1337-9275.
About edition:
Publisher: ÚSvL SAV, v. v. i.