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Groteskná koncepcia tela v ľudovej piesni

In: Etnologické rozpravy, vol. 29, no. 1
Juraj Hamar


Year, pages: 2022, 55 - 67
Language: slo
M. M. Bachtin, ľudový smiech, ľudová pieseň, karnevalová kultúra, karnevalizácia, groteskný realizmus, komické, škaredé, naturalizmus, znižovanie, telo a telesnosť
M. M. Bakhtin, folk laughter, folk song, carnival culture, carnivalization, grotesque realism, comic, ugly, naturalism, reduction, the body and corporeality
Article type: štúdia / study
Document type: štúdia / study
About article:
The concept of a grotesque body was brought into the history of art and aesthetics by Mikhail Mikhailovich Bakhtin in his work François Rabelais and the folk culture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The so-called carnival body represents in a broader context a literary tropic in which the idea of an ideal human anatomy stands in contrast to the carnival imagery of the body. The grotesque conception of the body in a folk song is applied against the background of the carnival and the principles represented by the undercurrent of the folk imagination. The world in which fish fly and birds swim in the water represents the world “on the contrary”. The human body is depicted in a similar way. The individual bodily organs act independently in the representation of the whole body, just as in ordinary social practice the “ideal” body acts in its unity of the whole. There is also an ambiguity of the human body present in the folk song, when a child and an old man meet in one body, the body receives and excretes, the body arises and at the same time the same body disappears. In terms of the poetics of the carnival human body in the folk song, we find a number of comic images, rich metaphor, but also expressiveness and the use of forbidden words.
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Hamar, J. 2022. Groteskná koncepcia tela v ľudovej piesni. In Etnologické rozpravy, vol. 29, no.1, pp. 55-67. 2729-9759. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31577/EtnoRozpra.2022.29.1.03

Hamar, J. (2022). Groteskná koncepcia tela v ľudovej piesni. Etnologické rozpravy, 29(1), 55-67. 2729-9759. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31577/EtnoRozpra.2022.29.1.03
About edition:
Publisher: Národopisná spoločnosť Slovenska / Ethnographic Society of Slovakia
Published: 19. 7. 2022
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