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Morfoštruktútna analýza Poľany

In: Geografický časopis, vol. 45, no. 2-3
Ján Lacika


Year, pages: 1993, 233 - 250
Language: slo
morphostructural analysis of landforms, polygenous volcano, erosio-denudational destruction of volcanic landforms, neotectonic movements
Document type: článok/journal
About article:
Presented work is a contribution to the knowledge of morphostructural situation of the most conserved Tertiary volcano in Slovakia – the Poľana Mts. We made use of several methods of morphostructural analysis of relief when creating the resulting morphostructural map. The Poľana Mts represent erosion-denudationally destroyed polygenic volcano, located in a transitory morphostructural position between the uplifted Slovenské Rudohorie Mts and relatively subsiding Zvolenská kotlina Basin. It consists of two basic partial morphostructural units. The first of them is a centrál depression considered by us a tectonic-erosional type of caldera. Periphery of the volcano is the second unit. The best preserved volcanic morphostructure is located in the Southern slope of the periphery, conserved by a multilayered armour of lava flows. In the northern margin of the morphostructure we identified tectonically conditioned transformation of originally radially centrifugal valley and crest network into a parallel one. A through-like valley of Hučava in the west periphery is determined by a pronounced tectonic disturbance.
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Lacika, J. 1993. Morfoštruktútna analýza Poľany. In Geografický časopis, vol. 45, no.2-3, pp. 233-250. ISSN 0016-7193.

Lacika, J. (1993). Morfoštruktútna analýza Poľany. Geografický časopis, 45(2-3), 233-250. ISSN 0016-7193.
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Publisher: Geografický ústav SAV/Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences