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Generatívna a heuristická vlastnosť mapy

In: Geografický časopis, vol. 48, no. 3-4
Ján Pravda


Year, pages: 1996, 227 - 239
Language: slo
statement, judgment knowledge, generation of knowledge by map
Document type: článok/journal
About article:
A map is not only a purposeful store of knowledge. Map has an interesting property. It generates more pieces of knowledge than the sum of the input pieces of knowledge. Generation of knowledge of maps is described by three experiments. Classification of knowledge obtained of map is presented. Heuristic (discovering) property of map is proved also by means of historical examples when the maps assisted lo significant discoveries.
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ISO 690:
Pravda, J. 1996. Generatívna a heuristická vlastnosť mapy. In Geografický časopis, vol. 48, no.3-4, pp. 227-239. ISSN 0016-7193.

Pravda, J. (1996). Generatívna a heuristická vlastnosť mapy. Geografický časopis, 48(3-4), 227-239. ISSN 0016-7193.
About edition:
Publisher: Geografický ústav SAV/Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences