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PhD. Topics

Plant Science and Biodiversity Center SAS

The role of the cell wall proteins in somatic embryogenesis of selected species of conifers
PhD. program
Name of the supervisor
Mgr. Katarína Klubicová, PhD.
Receiving school
Prírodovedecká fakulta UK
Cell wall is a complex and dynamic structure of plant cells which controls growth and morphology of plants during development and in response to the environment. Despite being present in low amount in cell wall, proteins play a key role in various processes and many of them are potentialy useful in biotechnology.
Somatic embryogenesis (SE) represents an efficient plant regeneration system for theoretical studies as well as for mass propagation, especially in conifers. Processes occuring during SE needs deeper understanding to use the regeneration system for conifer micropropagation more effectively. The aim of the thesis will be investigation of a cell wall proteins potentially important during the induction of embryogenic tissue of selected conifers by proteomic approach. Obtained results may serve as a basis for SE markers suggestion and contribute to better understanding of the SE in woody plants.