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PhD. Topics

Institute of Landscape Ecology

The Role of Habitats for Assessment of Biocultural Landscape Value
PhD. program
Name of the supervisor
Ing. Jana Špulerová, PhD.
Receiving school
Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra
The aim of the PhD thesis is to determine the indicators of the biocultural value of the landscape, which will be applied for typology of the biocultural landscape in the Slovak republic. Different method will be necessary to apply for assessment, including GIS, spatial statistical methods and methods of multicriteria assessment. The design of indicators will also count on the analysis of existing spatial databases and statistics that can be used for biocultural landscape assessment and the design of indicators that need to be obtained by field survey. Particular attention will be paid to the assessment of habitats and the development of bioindicators to determine the biocultural value of the landscape. The work have to bring new qualitative and quantitative knowledge in evaluating the interconnection of biological and cultural diversity as well as defining new principles of protection of biocultural heritage.