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PhD. Topics

Institute of Experimental Physics

Study of a strangeness production in collisions of high-energy ions in ALICE experiment at LHC
PhD. program
Nuclear and subnuclear physics
Name of the supervisor
RNDr. Peter Kaliňák, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Science P.J. Safarik University
The study is focusing on measurement of transverse momenta spectra and yields of the strange particles in particular classes of the multiplicity (centrality) of the collision. The method includes the identification of strange particles based on the topology of the decay. Using the reconstructed trajectories of the charged particles traveling trough the ALICE detector, the candidates – the couples of trajectories which passes the selection criteria are used to compute the distributions of invariant masses. The signal is extracted from under the peak area of this distribution. In order to acquire final yields and spectra of the strange particles it is necessary to know the acceptance of the detector, efficiency of the reconstruction and to understand how the detector affects the measurement. Then it is necessary to perform the corrections for each effect and to perform the extrapolation to the areas where the measurement isn’t possible. Some of the corrections are possible to acquire by using Monte Carlo simulations. The final results carry systematical errors, which needs to be studied and understood.