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PhD. Topics

Polymer Institute

Functional polyamides from renewable monomers.
PhD. program
Organic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Technology of polymer materials
Name of the supervisor
Mgr. Jaroslav Mosnáček, DrSc.
Receiving school
Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology STU
TThesis project includes synthesis of polyamides by polyadition and/or polycondensation of biobased monomers, such as diamines, unsaturated butyrolactones and bifunctional furan derivatives. Subsequently the properties of the prepared polyamides will be investigated. Polyamides containing pendant hydroxyl groups will be used for further postfunctionalization reactions in order to bond various bioactive compounds or graft by vinyl polymers or polyesters. Possibility to prepare shape memory polymers, stimuli sensitive polymers, nanofibres by electrospining with ability to bond various active compounds, preparation of networks as well as vitrimers will be studied as well. Study of catalyzed cyclization of hydroxy amide moieties will be also studied within the thesis. Synthesized polymers will be characterized by GPC and NMR.