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PhD. Topics

Institute of Construction and Architecture

Progressive heat storage materials in the development of thermal storage tanks for energy-self-sufficientbuildings
PhD. program
Name of the supervisor
doc. Ing. Miroslav Čekon, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Slovak University of Technology
Current research and development of integrated heat storage systems for ensuring the energy self-sufficiencyof buildings open various possibilities for using progressive solutions. The thermal energy storage system usinglatent heat based on phase change materials (PCM) is an almost isothermal process, that can providea significantly larger heat capacity compared to sensible heat energy storage at the same temperature range.Proper performance of PCM represents actual research challenges to meet the requirement in the developmentof a heat storage system. The research is primarily focused on the reliable implementation of theoreticalmodels and experimental procedures in the development of an efficient heat storage system. The basicfunctions include the latent heat accumulation and the control of the parameters of repeated heating andcooling cycles according to a certain period. The purpose of this research is to verify theoretical models thatadequately describe the experimental results of material and structural elements of intelligent heat storagetanks that can be used directly at the building site. Based on the obtained results, appropriate applications ofsuch specific solutions are expected to be proposed for the field of building engineering.