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PhD. Topics

Institute of History

German cooperative system in Slovakia 1918–1945
PhD. program
Slovak History
Name of the supervisor
PhDr. Michal Schvarc, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Arts, Comenius University Bratislava
The aim of the dissertation will be to investigate the process of establishment and the mechanism of functioning of German cooperatives (especially money and food cooperatives) in Slovakia as one of the elements of national identification of the German national minority in Slovakia and its support by the German Reich. This is by no means an isolated phenomenon; after its defeat in the First World War, Germany began to support German minorities in Central Eastern Europe in this way and to build up a power base weakened by the Treaty of Versailles. The aforementioned issue has not been sufficiently researched, the pioneering work in this field being Bernd Robionek's publication Ethnische Ökonomie im politischen Spannungsfeld. Das deutsche Genossenschaftswesen in der Vojvodina (1922–41), Hamburg 2019, which could serve as a basis for submitting one's own research project focusing on a selected, more narrowly specified sphere of political-economic as well as social practices. A deeper interest in economic and social history and a preliminary orientation in the topic are assumed. Knowledge of German (min. B2), Slovak/Czech is a prerequisite.