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PhD. Topics

Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics SAS

Paraliturgical hymns in collections from eastern Slovakia: a linguistic-cultural comparison
PhD. program
Name of the supervisor
Prof. PhDr. Peter Žeňuch, DrSc.
Receiving school
Filozofická fakulta UKF
The paraliturgical hymns in the Byzantine environment belong to the non-liturgical hymn expressions and at the same time present a reflection of cultural and religious thinking in a folk context. In addition to their didactic function, the paraliturgical hymns are also a testimony to the historical-cultural memory of a community of believers. They reflect a number of processes that are included in the linguistic component of individual texts and their variants. In doing so, individual hymns and their variants point to the linguistic-cultural and religious reality of the settings in which they are used. The existence of hymn variants illustrates the cross-cultural viability of the themes, and research into their language also provides a space for understanding the processes of cultural communication.