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PhD. Topics

Institute of Experimental Physics

Quantum materials under extreme conditions
PhD. program
Physical engineering of advanced materials
Name of the supervisor
doc. RNDr. Slavomír Gabáni, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Technical University in Košice
Quantum materials, such as frustrated magnets, topological insulators, strongly correlated metals or exotic superconductors, are highlights in the theoretical and experimental study of solids and are beginning to be used in applications connected with quantum technologies. Understanding the ground state of these systems requires their investigation under extreme conditions, i.e. at very low temperatures, high magnetic fields or pressures. Specifically, the dissertation would deal with the study of the influence of a high magnetic field and hydrostatic pressure on the thermal, transport and magnetic properties of selected tetra-, hexa- and dodecaborides at kelvin to millikelvin temperatures.

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