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PhD. Topics

Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences SAS

Socio-economic differentials in regions in Slovakia and its impact on family and fertility.
PhD. program
Name of the supervisor
doc. RNDr. Branislav Šprocha, PhD.
Receiving school
University of Economics in Bratislava
Socio-economic conditions are one of the important factors in demographic reproduction, family and household formation. The persistence of significant social and economic regional differences in Slovakia may be one of the reasons for the relatively large spatial differences in the formation and character of families, as well as fertility. The main goal is to identify the main factors that affect the intensity and timing of fertility at the regional level, as well as the structure of family households in Slovakia. Through a theoretical and methodological summary, the most suitable regional indicators of the fertility process, indicators of timing of childbirth (and especially the beginning of reproductive pathways) as well as indicators presenting the size and character of family households in Slovakia will be selected and constructed. The next section will analyze the extent and development of regional differences in terms of socio-economic conditions of reproduction and family formation. Subsequently, the determinants will be tested and suitable models will be compiled from the selected ones to explain the identified spatial differences in the process of childbirth and the formation of families in Slovakia. Research into possible social and economic policies of the state that could affect these differences will also be an important research question.