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PhD. Topics

Institute of Measurement Science

Development of new magnetometric method for diagnostics of the diseases related to iron metabolism on animal and cell models
PhD. program
Measurement Technology
Name of the supervisor
Ing. Ján Maňka, CSc.
Receiving school
The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Development of new magnetometric methods and equipment for diagnostics of the diseases related to the iron metabolism. Research on magnetic properties of the (bio)nanoscale particles, nanosuspensions and their appropriacy for given methods. Requirements for applicant: basic knowledge of solid state physics, theory of electromagnetic field, understanding of programs for the data processing and experimental skills. Knowledge of professional English is required. The experience with electronic circuits design is appreciated. During the study the PhD student will gain the knowledge of operation and controlling the SQUID magnetometer, the knowledge in the field of extremely weak magnetic fields measurement and its application in biomedicine and in nanomaterials research.