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PhD. Topics

Polymer Institute

Microstructural study of crosslinking process of dimethacrylates
PhD. program
Fyzikálna chémia
Name of the supervisor
Ing. Helena Švajdlenková, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Natural Sciences UK
The aim is to study the effect of  the physical-chemical properties of dimethacrylates,  the crosslinking process as well as  the microstructure on the mechanical properties (DMTA) of the cured photopolymers. Based on the obtained unique PALS data, revealing the size and homogeneity of the crosslinked structure of polymers, in relation to the molecular structure, interactions (NIR, ATR/FTIR) and relaxation processes (DS) within the networks, the key structural factors responsible for the increased toughness of cured materials will be investigated. Dimethacrylates are widely used in various applications, such as dental materials, materials for 3D printing, protective coatings.