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The list of international projects SAS

Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics
Create synergies in the region Slovakia – Austria by sharing best practices and awareness of innovative technologies to advance digitalized manufacturing
Create synergies in the region Slovakia – Austria by sharing best practices and awareness of innovative technologies to advance digitalized manufacturing
Project leader: Ing. Orovčík Ľubomír PhD.
Duration: 1.4.2021 - 30.11.2022
European Forum for Advanced Practices
European Forum for Advanced Practices
Program: COST
Project leader: Ing. Dvorák Tomáš PhD.
Annotation:The European Forum for Advanced Practices (EFAP) aims to initiate and host a network of researchers, practitioners, and theorists from across Europe who are actively shaping innovative and transformative forms of research across and among many artistic and academic fields, industry, the private sector, and civil society.
Duration: 1.4.2019 - 31.3.2023
European Network to connect research and innovation efforts on advanced Smart Textiles
Európska sieť na prepojenie oblasti výskumu a inovácií v pokročilom inteligentnom textile
Program: COST
Project leader: Ing. Opálková Šišková Alena PhD.
Annotation: CONTEXT COST Action objective is to create a network of European researchers and main relevant stakeholders in order to develop joint ideas and initiatives which can be turned into advanced smart textile products. A smart textile material is a “functional textile material, which interacts actively with its environment, i.e. it responds or adapts to changes in the environment”. They find applications in all sectors and especially in health and medical; automotive and aeronautic; personal protective equipment; sports and wearables and buildings and interior design. Although several R&D projects have been carried out during last years in that field, most of the prototypes obtained haven’t reached the market due to many reasons such as: product reliability, production economies, missing a demonstrated use case and/or value proposition. In that sense, what CONTEXT aims is to ignite research and innovation projects (with high TRLs output expected) by joining under the same network and through Working Groups, people with the right competencies and experiences from the academic and research fields, the industrial sector and from clusters. CONTEXT will promote the development of a joint research roadmap for smart textiles, will foster the transfer of knowledge among different actors in order to find suitable applications in various multidisciplinary fields, will act as stakeholder platform to identify needs and requirements from different points of view in a bottom-up approach and will promote networking activities in order to attract talent, build more and better research projects with more consciousness on the objectives of creating exploitable results. In this multilateral project, Institute of materials and machine mechanics SAS is focused on the use of materials from renewable resources for the purpose of preparation a metal matrix composite with enhanced physical and/or mechanical properties. Due to the increasing problems with waste and environmental pollution, the main idea of the proposed project is the use of cellulose-based waste for the potential preparation of reinforcing phases or predefines structures such as textiles. The project will aim to verify the possibilities of processing the prepared carbon materials by conventional technologies for the production of composite materials, pressure infiltration and powder metallurgy. The emphasis will be on the complex characterization of the properties of the intermediates products and prepared composites, which will enable the identification of the most suitable areas of possible applications.
Duration: 11.10.2018 - 10.10.2022
Mechanical properties of ultra light metal and novel cement composites
Mechanical properties of ultra light metal and novel cement composites
Program: Inter-academic agreement
Project leader: Mgr. Kúdela ml. Stanislav PhD.
Annotation:The project is aimed on investigation of novel type of composite materials. There are two autonomic project investigation directions. The first one is investigation of ultralight metal matrix composites for space applications (this is complementary research to two previous European Space Agency projects). The second direction is continuation of previous tomographic and micro structural investigation of composite cement and concrete materials related to the improvement of their production technology.
Duration: 1.1.2019 - 31.12.2022
Reliable roadmap for certification of bonded primary structures
Reliable roadmap for certification of bonded primary structures
Program: COST
Project leader: Ing. Nagy Štefan PhD.
Annotation:With the increasing pressure to meet unprecedented levels of eco-efficiency, aircraft industry aims for superlight structures and towards this aim, composites are replacing the conventional Aluminium.The same trend is being followed by civil, automotive, wind energy, naval and offshore industry, in which the combination (or replacement) of steel with composites can increase the strength-to-weight ratio. However, the joining design is not following this transition. Currently, composites are being assembled using fasteners. This represents a huge weight penalty for composites, since holes cut through the load carrying fibres and destroy the load path. Adhesive bonding is the most promising joining technology in terms of weight and performance. However, its lack of acceptance is limiting its application to secondary structures, whose failure is not detrimental for the structural safety. In primary (critical-load-bearing) structures, fasteners are always included along bondlines, as “back-up” in case the bond fails. The main reasons for this lack of acceptance are the limited knowledge of their key manufacturing parameters, non-destructive inspection techniques, damage tolerance methodology and reliable diagnosis and prognosis of their structural integrity. The Action aims to deliver a reliable roadmap for enabling certification of primary bonded composite structures. Despite the motivation being aircraft structures, which is believed to have the most demanding certification, it will directly involve other application fields in which similar needs are required. This Action will tackle the scientific challenges in the different stages of the life-cycle of a bonded structure through the synergy of multidisciplinary fields and knowledge transfer.
Duration: 4.4.2019 - 3.4.2023
Strategic and targeted support to incentivise talented newcomers to NMBP projects under Horizon Europe
Strategická a cielená podpora na stimulovanie talentovaných nováčikov v projektoch NMBP v rámci programu Horizont Európa
Program: Horizon 2020
Project leader: Ing. Iždinský Karol CSc.
Duration: 1.1.2021 - 31.12.2023

The total number of projects: 6