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The list of international projects SAS

Institute for Research in Social Communication SAS

Social Psychology Ambassadors of the EASP

Ambasádori sociálnej psychológie EASP

Duration: 1.4.2022 - 31.3.2024
Program: Other
Project leader: Mgr. Lášticová Barbara PhD.
Annotation:Recent studies highlight inequalities within the discipline of social psychology and structural disadvantages faced by researchers from, among others, the region of South and Eastern Europe. Building on these insights, the project takes a lead in a systematic and community-oriented form of action. This proposal aims to establish and empower a network of social psychologists from ten countries within the region of South and East Europe (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Latvia) and facilitate their further integration into the European community.

ATHENA - Implementing gender equality plans to unlock research potential of RPOs and RFOs in Europe

ATHENA - Implementácia plánov rodovej rovnosti s cieľom podpory výskumného potenciálu výskumných a výskum-financujúcich organizácií v Európe

Duration: 1.2.2021 - 31.1.2025
Program: Horizon 2020
Project leader: doc. PhDr. Bianchi Gabriel CSc.
Annotation:One of the main objectives of Europe’s societies is the elimination of all types of discrimination associated with gender. Despite a high number of highly skilled female graduates, there is still very few of them embracing a research career. With almost 60% of women graduates in EU, only one third of the EU’s researchers are women. In this context, ATHENA project aims at removing barriers to the recruitment, retention and career progression of female researchers; address gender imbalances in decision making processes and generate a cultural change needed to avoid future gender bias and discriminatory practices through the implementation of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in 6 Research Performing and 2 Research Funding organisations. These targeted organisations belong to Central Eastern EU countries and EU outermost regions that show some of the lowest Gender Equality Indexes in the EU. Thanks to the implementation of the GEPs, ATHENA will contribute to unlocking the research potential of these organisations thus improving the overall performance of the European Research Area and helping to close the innovation divide by avoiding the waste of talent and inefficient use of skilled women from weaker regions of the EU. To ensure systemic institutional change, ATHENA will first conduct an assessment of procedures and practices already in place in partner RPOs and RFOs, together with an analysis of the national legislation and policy frameworks. In parallel, it will put in place a participatory process aimed, on one side, to understand the needs and the preferences of the stakeholders and, on the other side, to train them with regard to selected topics related to gender. Based on these two approaches GEPs will be drafted, implemented and monitored in each partner organisation. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101006416.

The total number of projects: 2