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Institute of Virology

Director: MVDr. Juraj Kopáček DrSc.
Profile of the Institute: The Institute of Virology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, was founded in 1953 on behalf of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences as a centre for basic research in virology and rickettsiology. Recently, the research program of the Institute involves investigation of:

  • Morphogenesis, structure, and immunology of influenza viruses;
  • Pathogenesis of herpes viruses,latency of murine gammaherpesvirus;
  • Interaction of ticks with host immune system;
  • Ecology of hantaviruses;
  • Plant viruses;
  • Presentation of viral and tumor antigens to cytotoxic T cells;
  • The role of carbonic anhydrase IX protein in oncogenesis, tumor diagnosis, and anti-tumor therapy;
  • Ecology of Rickettsiae, virulence factors and lipopolysaccharides of Coxiella burnetii.

Many of above scientific projects are solved in international co-operation - as a part of inter-academic agreements or grants of European Community.

Institute of Virology was co-founder of the Chair of Virology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava. Nowadays, virological section of the Chair of Microbiology and Virology resides at the Institute and closely co-operates with it, predominantly in education of diploma and PhD students as well as in research activities.

Since 1957 an international scientific journal Acta virologica is bimonthly published, the editorial office of which is a part of the Institute.

The Institute of Virology is regularly regarded by highest rates among other institutes of Slovak Academy of Sciences.

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