SAS Offers for Commercial Sphere

Institute of Landscape Ecology

Director: Doc. RNDr. Zita Izakovičová PhD.
Profile of the Institute: ILE SAS is an interdisciplinary scientific institute for both the basic and applied research as well as for coordination and elaboration of ecological plans and projects. It is the mother institute of the methodics of landscape ecological planning LANDEP, which is listed in the Agenda 21 from Rio Summit '92 as recomended methodics for integrated approach to the management of the natural resources (Chapter 10 of Agenda 21). The main research topics are as follows: - the analyses, syntheses and interpretations of the abiotical, biotic and socio - economical elements of landscape for landscape ecological planning, optimal space organization and utilization of the landscape - ecological problems of territory, the impact of anthropogenic factors on the landscape, ecological optimisation and utilization of landscape and methodic E.I.A. - ecological problems of agricultural landscapes, territorial system of ecological stability, maintenance of biodiversity and geoecodiversity - territorial system of stress factors, structure of the present man - made landscape structure - the management of protected areas endangered by negative influences