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Institute of Art History

Director: prof. PhDr. Ivan Gerát PhD.
Profile of the Institute: Institute of Art History of Slovak Academy of Sciences was established in 1990

1953 - Department for Theory and History of Art, Institute of History SAS
1955 - Department of Theory and Art History SAS
1965 - Institute of Theory and Art History SAS
1973 - Division of Art-Historical Institute SAS
1990 - Institute of Art History of SAS

Institute of Art History SAS concentrates on a research into the Slovak art history and architecture and their international context. The subject involves an investigation
into painting, sculpture, handicraft and architecture since Middle Ages till 20th Century; an analysing of a historical development, international relations, iconographical motives,
social bounds and theoretical aspects of history of Slovak art. Results of the research are published in a form of monographs or as journal studies (see staff).

The Institute is a publisher of art-historical journal Ars ( ).

The Institute of Art History of SAS is a member of the international association RIHA (Research Institutes in the History of Art).