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Külországi könyvespolcokon
Judit Görözdi Number ORCID - Magdolna Balogh Number ORCID

Külországi könyvespolcokon: Tanulmányok Esterházy Péter idegen nyelvű recepciójáról

Reciti Kiadó
Published: 20. 2. 2023
About monography:
The Hungarian-language collective monograph titled On Foreign Bookshelves: The Reception of Péter Esterházy in Translation is the outcome of a broad collaboration of Hungarologists worldwide, ranging from Britain and France across Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe to Japan and the USA. It analyzes the international reception of the prominent Hungarian writer Péter Esterházy (1950 – 2016), widely considered to be one of the most significant representatives of Central European postmodernism. The book focuses on specific aspects of literary transfer and issues of literary translation. The first part introduces the reader to the world of Esterházy’s writing and his thinking about literature. The second part is a collection of case studies about the reception of Esterházy’s literary works in German, English, French, Slovenian, Serbian, Romanian, Russian, Italian, Finnish, Japanese, Czech and Slovak. The third part provides an inside view into the practice of Esterházy’s translators. The book confirms the international status of an author whose works have travelled far beyond the boundaries of a minor language to reach global audiences.
388 pages
reception of literature, literary transfer, translation
About edition:
Publisher: Reciti Kiadó
Edition: 1.
Edition place: Budapest
Edition year: 2022
ISBN 978-615-6255-59-4 (print), ISBN 978-615-6255-60-0 (online)
Book type: edited book
How to cite:
ISO 690:
Görözdi, J. - Balogh, M.: Külországi könyvespolcokon: Tanulmányok Esterházy Péter idegen nyelvű recepciójáról. 1 vyd. Budapest : Reciti Kiadó. 2022. pp. 388. ISBN 978-615-6255-59-4.

Görözdi, J., Balogh, M. (2022). Külországi könyvespolcokon: Tanulmányok Esterházy Péter idegen nyelvű recepciójáról. Budapest : Reciti Kiadó. ISBN 978-615-6255-59-4.