Conferences and Scientific Events

Upcoming Conferences at SAS

   XIX. edition of the Czech and Slovak Conference Qualitative approach and methods in social sciences and humanities: "Know yourself". FSEV UK, Bratislava 27.01.2020 28.01.2020
  DNAqua-Net workshop – filling DNA barcodes gap Bratislava 03.02.2020 05.02.2020
  Science Slam Bratislava 2020 Bratislava 26.02.2020 26.02.2020
  World Water Day 2020 - exhibition and lecture morning Great Assembly Hall of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dubravska cesta, Bratislava 17.03.2020 17.03.2020
   19 th Alps-Adria Scientific workshop 2020 Wisła, Poland 26.04.2020 01.05.2020
   47th Annual Conference on Yeasts Congress Centre SAS, Smolenice, Slovakia 12.05.2020 15.05.2020
  21. International Conference The Celts . Mikulov 12.05.2020 15.05.2020
  8th International Conference Polymeric Materials in Automotive PMA 2020 and the 24th Slovek Rubber Conference Conference Center of Lindner Hotel, Gallery Central in Bratislava 18.05.2020 20.05.2020
  Work and Organizational Psychology 2020: The Quality of Work Life Omšenie 20.05.2020 21.05.2020
  Portraying Countryside in Central European Literature Bratislava 28.05.2020 29.05.2020
  Nucleotide excision repair and crosslink repair: Molecules to mankind Smolenice, Slovakia 31.05.2020 04.06.2020
  15th Bratislava Symposium on Saccharides Congress Centre SAS, Smolenice, Slovakia 08.06.2020 12.06.2020
  APCOM 2020 – Applied Physics of Condensed Matter Štrbské Pleso, Slovakia 09.06.2020 11.06.2020
   11th Interanational NO-symposium Congress center Academia, Stará Lesná 15.06.2020 19.06.2020
  Current Challenges of Environmental philosophy Klemensona 19, Bratislava 16.06.2020 17.06.2020
  9th International Symposium on Experimental and Clinical Neurobiology Košice 21.06.2020 25.06.2020
   Forum Carpaticum 6. Linking the environmental, political and societal needs for Carpathian sustainability Brno, Czech Republic 22.06.2020 26.06.2020
   LinStat 2020 - The International Conference on Trends and Perspectives in Linear Statistical Inference Hotel Atrium, Nový Smokovec, High Tatras, Slovakia 29.06.2020 03.07.2020
  4th CESAMIR2020 - 4th Central European Symposium for Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Research Stará Lesná 05.07.2020 10.07.2020
  EAA Session 437: Early Iron Age landscape transformation in the Carpathian basin and adjacent areas Budapest 26.08.2020 30.08.2020
   58th Summer School on General Algebra and Ordered Sets (SSAOS 2020) Smižany, Slovakia 30.08.2020 05.09.2020
  8th International Symposium on Structure and Function of Roots Grand Hotel Bellevue, Horný Smokovec, Slovakia 06.09.2020 10.09.2020
   8th International Symposium on Structure and Function of Roots Vysoké Tatry – Horný Smokovec 06.09.2020 10.09.2020
  Chemistry towards Biology (CTB10) and INSTRUCT-ULTRA Structural biology meeting Bratislava, Slovakia 06.09.2020 10.09.2020
   Comet like activity of small bodies of Solar System Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia 22.09.2020 25.09.2020
   6th International Scientific Conference on Biotechnologies and Metals 2020 Košice, Slovakia 01.10.2020 02.10.2020
  POLYMERY 2020, XI. Slovak - Czech conference Congress Centre of the SAS, Zámocká 18, 919 04 Smolenice 05.10.2020 08.10.2020
  27 th International Poster day Transport of Water, Chemicals and Energy in the Sysrem Soil-Crop Canopy-Atmosphere Institute of Hydrology SAS, Bratislava Dúbravská cesta 9 01.11.2020 07.11.2020

Previous Conferences at SAS

  Joint Czechoslovak Virology Conference 2019 and 1st SK-AT Structural Virology Meeting Aula SAV, Dúbravská cesta 9, Bratislava, 13.02.2019 15.02.2019
  XIIth Workshop on Modern Methods in Quantum Chemistry Mariapfarr, Austria 11.03.2019 15.03.2019
  23rd Workshop on the History and Memory of National Socialist Camps and Extermination Sites - Between Absence and Affirmation Salonika 16.03.2019 22.03.2019
   18th Alps-Adria Scientific Workshop 2019 Cattolica – Rimini, Italy 01.04.2019 06.04.2019
   Contacts of literature (models - identities - representations) - dedicated to Rudolf Chmel Bratislava 11.04.2019 12.04.2019
  Terminological and methodological questions in the reserach of criminality Bratislava 15.04.2019 16.04.2019
   46th Annual Conference on Yeasts Congress Center SAS, Smolenice Castle 07.05.2019 10.05.2019
  Živena, society of Slovak women in the history and present. One of the oldest women societies in EUrope Bratislava 13.05.2019 14.05.2019
   The La Tène Period in Central Europe - THE CELTS Stará Lesná 14.05.2019 17.05.2019
  Caretaking over orphans and socialy deprived children in the period of modernisation Bratislava 20.05.2019 21.05.2019
   Workshop on Arctic biodiversity and ecosystem functioning – moving forward with the Arctic Vegetation Archive Arkhangelsk 21.05.2019 21.05.2019
   ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY 2019 Vyhne, Slovensko 27.05.2019 29.05.2019
   HubIT Metropolis: Horizon H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769497 Košice 04.06.2019 04.06.2019
  Workshop on Quantum Magnetism: Theoretical Challenges and Future Perspectives Košice 07.06.2019 08.06.2019
   Genetic Toxicology and Cancer Prevention KC Smolenice 10.06.2019 13.06.2019
  International PhD. seminar Bratislava 11.06.2019 14.06.2019
  ASEEES Summer Convention, History wars in Communist and PostCommunist Croatia and Slovakia Zagreb 14.06.2019 16.06.2019
   Meteoroids 2019 Bratislava, Slovakia 17.06.2019 21.06.2019
   TOXCON 2019 Vyhne, Slovakia 26.06.2019 28.06.2019
   BIMac 2019, 23th Bratislava International Conference on Macromolecules: Computational Approach to Polymers in Biological and Soft Matter Hotel Falkensteiner Bratislava, SR 30.06.2019 03.07.2019
   Numerical Modeling of Earthquake Motions: Waves and Ruptures 2019 (NMEM 2019) KC Smolenice, Slovensko 30.06.2019 04.07.2019
   6th Czecho-Slovak Scientific Mycological Conference Stará Lesná 19.08.2019 22.08.2019
  11th International Workshop on Processing and Applications of Superconducting Bulk Materials Prague, Czech Republic 29.08.2019 30.08.2019
   Latin in the Early Nineteenth-Century Habsburg Monarchy Bratislava 06.09.2019 06.09.2019
   Universe of Binaries, Binaries in the Universe Telč, Czech Republic 07.09.2019 11.09.2019
   Cryocourse 2019 Zemplinska sirava a Kosice, Slovak Republic 08.09.2019 19.09.2019
  Italy and the Post-Habsburg Central Europe: Occupation, Administration, Intervention, Diplomacy Bratislava 18.09.2019 19.09.2019
  Archaeology Field School in Slovakia Senec 22.09.2019 28.09.2019
   Private, Civil, and Public SEXUALITIES: XI. International Academic Conference Prague 02.10.2019 04.10.2019
   Musiktheorie in Mitteleuropa / in der Slowakei im 16.–19. Jahrhundert - Music Theory in Slovakia and in the Central Europe in 16th – 19th Centuries Bratislava 07.10.2019 09.10.2019
  Marginal elements in the town environment during the early modern ages Bratislava 08.10.2019 09.10.2019
   Situation in Ecologically Loaded Regions of Slovakia and Central Europe – the XXVIII Scientific Symposium with International Participation Hotel Hrádok, SMZ-Služby, a.s. Jelšava, Hrádok pri Jelšave, Slovakia 24.10.2019 25.10.2019
  Political corruption in the territory of Slovakia and the Central Europe region in the 19th and 20th century Bratislava 04.11.2019 04.11.2019
   pracovné stretnutie zástupcov NK IHP UNESCO a expertov podunajských krajín Kijev, Ukraine 05.11.2019 05.11.2019
   26 th International Poster day Transport of Water, Chemicals and Energy in the Sysrem Soil-Crop Canopy-Atmosphere Institute of Hydrology SAS, Bratislava Dúbravská cesta 9 06.11.2019 06.11.2019
   XXVIII th Danube conference Kijev, Ukraine 06.11.2019 08.11.2019
  Kindheit in den böhmischen Ländern und der Slowakei Bratislava 07.11.2019 10.11.2019
   Raising the Velvet Curtain. Slovak Literature since 1989 UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies, London, UK 13.11.2019 13.11.2019
   INSTRUCT-ULTRA 3rd Structural biology meeting Bratislava, Slovakia 14.11.2019 15.11.2019
   31. Internationales Symposion Grundprobleme der frühgeschichtlichen Entwicklung im mittleren Donauraum Nitra 19.11.2019 22.11.2019
   Botanické sbírky a databáze a jejich využití ve výzkumu a praxi Praha 30.11.2019 01.12.2019