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Scientific Journals and Yearbooks Published at SAS

Front Page

Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnate Pleso

Publisher: Astronomical Institute

List of issues
ISSN 1335-1842 (print)
ISSN 1336-0337 (online)

Language: English

Web: www.astro.sk/caosp/caosp.php

Astronomical Institute
Slovak Academy of Sciences
SK 059 60 Tatranska Lomnica
The Slovak Republic

International Identifiers:

  • ISSN 1336-0337 (online edition)

  • ISSN 1335-1842 (printed edition, till 2018, volume 48)


On-line access:
all volumes, 1-52/3, years 1955-2022

Since volume 49 (2019) the journal is published just electronically.

CAOSP journal has been covered by:


  • ISI: continuously since its volume 22 (year 1992) However, it is covered in:
    Index to Scientific Book Contents (ISBC)
    CC/Physical, Chemical & Earth Sciences / Current Book Contents

    Due to the fact CAOSP is published three times a year, it can be found among books, not journals within ISI service.

    Since volume 39 (2009) you can find the journal impact factor.

  • SCOPUS/li>
  • Index Copernicus International

Editorial Board:

  • Editor-in-Chief: Augustin Skopal (astrskop@ta3.sk)

  • Managing Editor: Richard Komzik (rkomzik@ta3.sk)

  • Editors:
    Drahomir Chochol (chochol@ta3.sk)
    Julius Koza (koza@ta3.sk)
    Ales Kucera (akucera@ta3.sk)
    Lubos Neslusan (ne@astro.sk)
    Vladimir Porubcan (astropor@savba.sk)
    Theodor Pribulla (pribulla@ta3.sk)

  • Advisory Board:
    Bernhard Fleck (bfleck@esa.nascom.nasa.gov)
    Arnold Hanslmeier (arnold.hanslmeier@uni-graz.at)
    Marian Karlicky (karlicky@asu.cas.cz)
    Tanya Ryabchikova (ryabchik@inasan.ru)
    Giovanni Battista Valsecchi (giovanni@ias.rm.cnr.it)
    Jan Vondrak (vondrak@ig.cas.cz)

Intructions for Authors