Final Farewell to Prof. Branislav Lichardus

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We often met him with a good-hearted smile on his face. A direct, prudent, and always passionate person. As of February 8, we must remember him as he is no longer with us. An important Slovak scientist and diplomat and former President of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) Prof. MUDr. Branislav Lichardus, DrSc., Dr.H.c., has passed away at the age of 88 years.
Professor Branislav Lichardus has had a significant career as a doctor, scientist and diplomat. For years he worked at the SAS Institute of Experimental Endocrinology in Bratislava, where he worked as a scientist in the international realm. He is co-founder of original research aimed at clarifying neuroendocrine regulation of bodily fluid volume in terms of a specific hormone that is a significant regulator of metabolism in the body. In 1992, Prof. Lichardus was elected President of SAS, and later became the first Slovak ambassador to the United States.
He also achieved excellence in scientific research in the area of endocrinology and nephrology. He succeeded in a new method of investigating the concentration capabilities of the kidney. With a team of clinicians, he brought the vasopressin analogue into practice which was synthesized at the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences and has had a major impact on the quality of life of patients with impaired function of neurohypophysis and nocturnal enuresis. He also won numerous prestigious awards, including the SAS Gold Medal.

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Prof. Branislav Lichardus