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QuantERA Call 2017 Pre-announcement - in search of partners in Slovakia

Vložil(a): J. Barančík, 29.12.2016, videné 309-krát

Dear Mr. Barancik, 


based on the email we have received from Mr. Malm (a contact point for Norwegian Research Council) informing us about the pre-announcement of the QuantERA call 2017, we would like to ask you for advice and help in searching for European partners in establishing consortium. 


With regards to the call, our intention is to focus on study of the quantum orbital configurations of interacting atoms in molecules in exhaust from fuel blends using Molecular Dynamics Simulations (MDS).  


The MDS is applied for two main types of bio-blended fuels; biodiesel in fossil diesel and ethanol in petrol. In both cases, preliminary studies have shown that the quantum chemical properties of the molecules involved are favoring the formation of new types of nanoparticles resulting in more severe exhaust toxicity.


Keywords describing our experience:


· Molecular Dynamics Simulations (MDS) 

· Human toxicity

· Nanoparticle characteristics 

· Environmental impacts of pollution

· Exhaust emissions 

· Nanoelectronics


Since it is rather specific field of research we would like to take the opportunity to ask you for help in getting in touch with experts conducting similar research in your country.


If you need more information please do not hesitate to let us know.


Thank you in advance for your advice and support in mobilizing research groups for the QuantumERA 2017 call.


With kind regards, 


Zuzana Nordeng, PhD.

Forskar/Seniorrådgjevar EU-forsking

Researcher/Senior Advisor-EU Research




Mob: +47 902 290 96


Vestlandsforsking, Pb 163, N-6851 Sogndal