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Musicologica Slovaca

Volume 8, 2017, No. 1



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  Hudobná psychológia súčasnosti ako empirická disciplína
Zuzana Cenkerová

psychology of music, music perception, music cognition

Since the late 20 th century, psychology of music has been pursued as a cognitive, empirical, data-driven discipline, building upon knowledge from musicology and psychology, as well as from the cognitive sciences and neurosciences. Currently, it covers various areas of research, including but not limited to music sensation, perception, cognition, and empirical investigations of the links between music and emotion; developmental music psychology, the issues of musical talent, the acquisition of musical skills, and the phenomenon of absolute pitch; music performance, composition and improvisation; neural correlates of listening to music and music-making; social aspects of music including its role in everyday life, in social, ethnic and broader cultural groups, as well as in educational and therapeutic settings. Empirical research in this specialised and interdisciplinary field has been underrepresented within the domestic academic community. The task of building up a systematic research base will require a collective effort of experts from related disciplines.

Musicologica Slovaca . Volume 8, 2017, No. 1: 5-49.

  Piesne s trojkráľovou tematikou v slovenských tlačených a rukopisných kancionáloch 17. – 19. storočia
Peter Ruščin

feast of the Epiphany, hymnbook, hymn, contrafact, carol, pastorela

The paper summarises the repertoire of hymns for the Feast of the Epiphany in selected printed and manuscript Slovak hymnbooks of the 17 th to the 19 th centuries. Altogether 27 hymns on the Three Kings from these sources reflect the various developmental phases of the Christmas hymn in Slovakia: paraphrases of Latin hymns in the language of the people; contrafacts on traditional tunes from Czech and Slovak, mainly anonymous, authors of the Renaissance and Baroque; hymns in pastoral style from the late 18 th and early 19 th centuries; original Church hymns from 19 th century hymnbooks

Musicologica Slovaca . Volume 8, 2017, No. 1: 50-105.

  Učebnica elementárnej náuky o hudbe Melanie Diettmannovej v kontexte dobovej výučby hudby
Andrej Čepec

music education, music textbooks, elementary doctrine of music, music- theoretical literature of the 18 th and 19 th centuries, Melanie Diettmann, Bratislava

Elementar Unterricht (Fundamentals of Teaching), a manuscript textbook of music by Melanie Diettmann, is a type of handbook which preserves the method of teaching the elements of music used on the territory of Slovakia during the first half of the 19 th century. This textbook is documentary proof of an increased interest in acquiring music education on the part of educated town-dwellers, having regard to the upbringing of girls and young ladies. The paper presents the textbook in the context of music teaching in Slovakia in the 19 th century, and also in the context of the creation of didactic works. Reflected in it is the influence of music textbooks by B. Asioli and F. P. Rigler, among others, which could serve as models for the elaboration of the manuscript examined here.

Musicologica Slovaca . Volume 8, 2017, No. 1: 106-122.



  Mária Potemrová a hudobná regionalistika
Jana Lengová

Mária Potemrová (1922 – 2015) is regarded as the Nestor of musicology in the east Slovakian city of Košice, where she spent her entire life. Originally she completed studies at the University of Commerce; later, as an external student she graduated in musicology from Comenius University in Bratislava (1954 – 1959). At the Conservatory in Košice (1956 – 1986) she taught history of music and musical aesthetics, and she stressed the need for a complex musical education. As a music historian she specialised in musical regionalistics, specifically on the musical culture of eastern Slovakia and most especially of the city of Košice. Apart from her key monograph Hudobný život v Košiciach v rokoch 1848 – 1918 (Musical Life in Košice from 1848 to 1945), published in 1981, she also produced important works on music education in Košice, on the music history of the towns of Prešov, Rožňava and Bardejov, and on several composers (O. Hemerka, K. Hodytz, J. Grešák). She was also active as a publicist and in organisational and editorial activity.

Musicologica Slovaca . Volume 8, 2017, No. 1: 123-130.

  Bibliografia Márie Potemrovej
Andrej Čepec

Musicologica Slovaca . Volume 8, 2017, No. 1: 131-138.



  Nedožité jubileum Ladislava Galka
Martina Božeková

Musicologica Slovaca . Volume 8, 2017, No. 1: 139-145.



  Markéta Štefková (ed.): Edvard Grieg. Život a Dielo. Life and Music
Slávka Kopčáková

Musicologica Slovaca . Volume 8, 2017, No. 1: 146-148.

  Jiří Kopecký – Lenka Křupková: Provincial Theater and Its Opera. German Opera Scene in Olomouc, 1770 – 1920
Jana Laslavíková

Musicologica Slovaca . Volume 8, 2017, No. 1: 148-151.

  Marta Toncrová – Silva Smutná (ed.): Lidové písně z Podhorácka II. Třebíčsko, Hrotovicko, Moravskobudějovicko a Jemnicko
Miriam Timková

Musicologica Slovaca . Volume 8, 2017, No. 1: 151-153.



  The 1 st Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology, Ljubljana, Slovenia, August 24 – 27, 2016
Jana Belišová

Musicologica Slovaca . Volume 8, 2017, No. 1: 154-156.

  Karel IV. (1316 – 1378) a hudební odkaz jeho doby. Charles IV (1316 – 1378) and the Musical Legacy of His Era. International Musicological Conference, Prague, November 10 – 11, 2016
Eva Veselovská

Musicologica Slovaca . Volume 8, 2017, No. 1: 156-159.